We are an online art gallery focused on cuban contemporary art, working mostly with emerging artist. The initiative arises from encouraging both young collecting and emerging art, generating a sustainable space for the artistic context of the future with a privileged approach to Cuban art.

Our intention is to function as a double circulation artistic bridge between Latin America and Europe, collaborating with exhibition spaces and artist residencies, this generating spaces for experimentation based on cultural symbiosis.


What is Haba



We look for, admire and fall in love with artists, born in the 80s and 90s, who we meet through the networks or who arrive at our call by getting lost through some channel.

From the emerging we are interested in the contemporary, the current concerns of artists, their concerns about our daily life and our world. Artists have a sensitivity that allows them to know what is going to happen and they tell us about it through their works.


We focus on enriching the affordable art offering for new collectors. If young artists are interested in contemporary issues, we believe that the main stakeholders will also be young.


Interesting questions often arise from the mixture of two worlds or their coalition. There is a breakdown of the established, of the obvious, and the spectrum of knowledge and consciousness is amplified. We seek to function as an artistic double-circulation bridge.

Tzvetan Todorov (1990) said The best result of a crossing of cultures is often the critical gaze that one turns towards oneself.

a personal collection

When collecting we choose one piece over another, probably for a more impulsive than rational question. Even within this impulsiveness, a line of interest and taste will be denoted that define the one who chooses. The type of collection that I offer you is one that defends your own idea of ​​what art is for you. The collector’s ability to intervene in the art world, actively, will be through what his collection and his criteria are capable of making the concept of Art evolve.

The collector is also a creator.

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